Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) designation

CIQS manages the internationally recognized designation "Professional Quantity Surveyor" or "PQS" for short, which can only be used by qualified, certified members of the Institute.

A PQS is an integral member of the team of architects, engineers, accountants, and lawyers on construction builds such as universities, airports, hospitals, highways and bridges.

A PQS is knowledgeable about measurement, costing out the latest construction methods and technologies, economics and the laws relating to construction projects.  They counsel building owners, developers, designers, and contractors at every state of the design, procurement, and construction process on such matters as cost planning, value engineering, risk management, claims analysis and life cycle costing to help ensure a return on investment is delivered.

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Membership Category: ASSOCIATE

CIQS Associates are individuals 

  • who have not yet completed the TPE for either the Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) or the Construction Estimator Certified (CEC), or 
  • who have attained the equivalent of PQS through a recognized oversees professional association, but have not completed the relevant TPE requirements as noted in the education policy guidelines, or
  • who have been admitted to sit the direct final examinations for CEC, or
  • who are studying towards the Institute's examinations and who are not full-time students, or
  • that are gainfully employed (or self-employed) in or associated with the construction industry, whose CIQS membership would be of value to the Institute.

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Construction Estimator Certified (CEC) designation

CIQS manages the nationally recognized designation "Construction Estimator Certified" or "CEC" for short, which can only be used by qualified, certified members of the Institute.

A CEC manages the finances on construction projects using current computer technology to assist in the complex task of cost estimating on construction projects such as hospitals, stadiums, universities, airports, affordable housing, community centres, highways, and bridges.  They are essential members of the team of professionals responsible for these construction projects, helping owners, developers, designers, contractors, and investors balance the risks to ensure all project costs and estimates are accurate.  They do this by pricing and preparing formal tender submissions, conducting pre-bid negotiations with subcontractors and suppliers, verifying subcontractor and supplier payments, and preparing construction progress schedules, to name just a few of the responsibilities of a CEC.

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Membership Category: STUDENT

A student member is an individual that is designated as a full-time student as evidenced by their academic institution.  Acceptance by CIQS of student status shall be the sole discretion of CIQS.  The student membership is free for as long as an individual remains a full-time student as described above.


Membership Category: HONORARY LIFE

Honorary Life memberships are awarded to PQS and CEC designation holders for long standing service to CIQS or on a local level at one of the six chapters. Membership fees are waived for all who receive Honorary Life status.

Membership Category:  FELLOW

Fellowship is awarded to Professional Quantity Surveyor and Construction Estimator Certified members who have served CIQS or on their local level at one of the chapters in a meritorious capacity.  They are entitled to use the designation "Professional Quantity Surveyor (Fellow)" and "PQS(F)" or "Construction Estimator Certified (Fellow)" or "CEC(F)".  Details are available in the Fellowship guidelines in the Members Only section.